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BINET TECHNICAL SERVICES (BTS) was formed in 1996 and operates in the global field of construction, concentrating on mechanical work, overland slurry piping, structural erection and platework , including the design and detail drawing thereof.
Other related disciplines can be accommodated. All the project management is done in-house as part of the installation of our projects. BTS has purpose built a lot of its own equipment, as the kind of safe modern machines that are required are difficult to obtain. All the relevant machines are fully certified according to the MOSH, OSH acts. We have the most advanced equipment, thus ensuring that the work carried out is guaranteeable. BTS started operating due to the need to diversify to accommodate the changing scope of operations it is now capable of performing. The company started as a small concern, ut whilst growing, has retained the prerequisite for tight control and good quality, so that in turn more competitive pricing can be offered. BTS has also built a number of machines that are capable of working on the side slopes of slimes dams. We consider working on side slopes on slimes dams a speciality.